A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Hunter11's Characters

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PostSubject: Hunter11's Characters   Tue May 10, 2011 5:07 pm


Juliet Martinez


15/ 11/11




Gorge Martinez (dad), Hannah Martinez (mom) and Jenifer "Jenny" Martinez (twin sister)

Years at camp:



Animal mimickry

Secondary power:

Superhuman sences

Breif History:

Juliet lived in San fransico with her dad who was a doctor, mom who stayed home and twin sister Jenny. Juliet was always differant. She found out about her powers at age 11 and at the time loved them. Though soon this niave joy would run out and so it did. Her sister who was Juliet's oppiste had most of their classmates turn on Juliet having them call her rude names. She soon began to hate her superhuman abilties. she then hated Jenny and hardly ever spoke to her ever since. She contuied to go to camp though. For there she wasn'r a freak by her classmate's standerds.

Physical apperance:

Juliet is Hispanic, so she has skin that looks abit like cooper. Her eyes are bright blue like clear skies. Her hair is so black it makes midnight look white and streaked with blue and goes to just passed her shoulders. It's cut in long layers. She's normal height for her age and thin. She's very fexlable. She wears dark colors and the only make up she wears is eyeliner. She always wears a silver locket with nothing in it. Her constent accery is black backpack that contains, her phone, mp3, extra pair of clothes, two pairs of shoes and eyeliner along with a couple of good books, a notebook and some writing suplies.


Juliet acts tough and she is but gets hurt emotionly quite easily. She only lets a few peaple close to her and keep other at arms length. She has a passion for creative things such as music and writing. She is often alone as she perfers to be. She fights alot and is skilled in tai kwon do. She hates peaple acting like they're better than every one else for some reason. She will act cold when you first meet her but if you hang around a bunch she'll lighten up/ She's sarcastic.


Avoiding peaple and fighting are talents along with singing, playing gutiar and drums and writing.


A mastif named Max.

Year round or summer:

Summer may come early though.

Other: Can speak fluenit Spanish
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter11's Characters   Tue May 10, 2011 5:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter11's Characters   Fri May 13, 2011 6:51 pm

Name: My name is Meaghen Fearal.

Age: I'm 13 and was born May 13 (A Friday no doubt).

Gender: I'm female.

Family: My dad was Dareral Fearal and he's dead. My mom was Vanessa Fearal also dead.

Years at Camp: It's my first week.

Superpower: Superhuman intellagence

Superpower #2: Animal conmunicatio

Describe powers: Let's start with the first. Superhuman intelagence: This doesn't mean I know everything!!!!!! I'm only "nerdy" in scince and history class. Other than those two my mind in blank. Animal commuication: I can have cversations with animals and I can understand them.

Breif history: My life was simple honestly. I grew up in a small town in Missuri. I was a strange child always talking to animals anad at the time pretending that they could reply. I was smart but like I said only in Scince and History. I went to school like any other normal person my age and just tried. I manged to keep a B to A average with some help. Soon my parents died in a car crash and left me a note telling me to go to a place known as Camp Justice. So here I am.

Physical apperance: I'm short at around 4'9 and slightly above my ideal weight. I have ivory, creamy skin tones. My hair is to just above my waist so not very long and a few shades darker than a white-blonde color. I have eyes like green glass framed by light, blonde lashes and thin, white glasses. I wear anything I feel comferable in like jeens and long sleeves. My face has a few pimples but none to noticeable.

Personality: I'm considered a nerd. I like the tough subjects that I'm super smart in. I'm shy and don't speak alot. I have a pretty good sence of who my friends are gonna be. Call it a sixth sence. I love spending time with animals or curled up with a nice novel. I love white lillies tigers. Most of my summers wer spent at the zoo talking with the tigers and other big cats.

Talents: Spuoting random History and Scince facts.

Pets: Sadly no.

Year round or Summer: Year round.

Other: Nothong.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter11's Characters   Fri May 13, 2011 6:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter11's Characters   

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Hunter11's Characters
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