A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Armada's Characters

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PostSubject: Armada's Characters   Sun May 01, 2011 7:19 pm

Name: James Ivan Richards Blood

Age/Birthday: September 1, (15)

Gender: Male

Family: David Richards, Michelle Richards (parents, deceased) Aunt Morgan, former caretaker) Jason Blood(current guardian and caretaker)

Years in Camp: One Month

Powers: Can transform into a demon named Erigrath. Is extremely skilled in magic.

If necessary describe your powers: Being bound to a demon named Erigrath, that was created out of demon magic he inadvertently absorbed from Jason Blood/Etrigan. Erigarth is very dangerous and is very unpredictable, and is more of James last resort form. Because he is bound to Erigrath, James is immortal and will stop aging when he is in his mid-twenties. Erigarth can only be released by reciting a poem, and can be changed back by reciting another poem, or knocking him out for over a minute. Erigrath is impervious to fire and can breathe and project hellfire. James's magic power increases several times fold as Erigarth.

Brief History: Around the age of four, Jame's parents died and he was sent to live with his abusive aunt who treated him like a slave. Around the age of ten he ran away from his aunt and ended up meeting Jason, a good friend of his father, who studied similar things.

Physical Appearance: James stands at around 5'6. His hair is reddish brown with a light orange streak through his hair. His eyes are a light brown color. James usually wears a mix between casual and formal clothing. (I'll add an image for this)

Personality: James is very quiet and doesn't like to talk to people he is not familiar with.

Talents:Skilled in Magic, can read several ancient languages and can translate then to English

Pets: None

Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Other: As Erigrath, he has a weakness to iron(as all demons do), for James iron means he cannot transform. James uses this to his advantage and wears an iron shackle around his left wrist to keep from accidentally transforming. HE also carries a ancient spell book that has been in his family for generations. It's written in a ancient language, so he's often translating it.

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PostSubject: Re: Armada's Characters   Sun May 08, 2011 3:59 pm

Name: Gary North

Age/Birthday: 13

Gender: Male

Family: Jerry North, Emily North (parents)

Years in Camp: 1 Year

SuperPower: Super Speed

Secondary Power: Some degree of Super Human Intelligence

If necessary describe your powers: Self Explanatory

Brief History: Gary grew up with a fairly normal life. He's a typical average kid. Gary's parents were shocked to find out their son had superpowers but didn't make a fuss out of it. His parents sent him to this camp to help him learn more about his powers and to use them responsibly.

Physical Appearance: Gary looks no different than an average boy his age. His hair is a reddish-blonde color that is cut short. His face is decorated with freckles that make him look more like a seven year old. His eyes are a shade of brown and his height is 5'4.

Personality:Gary is reckless, and acts without thinking. He doesn't seem to take anything seriously. Gary tends to use his powers to play practical jokes on people. He likes to act like a kid but often denies this and says that he is a teenager.

Talents: The Superpowers thing.


Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Other: No thats it.
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Armada's Characters
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