A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Blu's Characters

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PostSubject: Blu's Characters   Blu's Characters EmptyThu May 12, 2011 8:23 pm

Name: Kaelin Everett (Pronounced kā-lin ev-ə-rit)

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Family: All deceased

Years in Camp: New comer

SuperPower: Power Mimicry

Secondary Power: Power Deflection and power sensory

If necessary describe your powers: Power Mimicry. When a power is used against her or when she sees it done once, she can mimic and use the ability. These abilities and how to use them are locked into her subconscious until she needs them again. When she is mimicking a power or using a power that she has stored away, her pupils dilate. Power Deflection. She can deflect the powers of others away from her, though they do not simply cancel, they are reflected either off to the side or back at the user. Power Sensory. When she sees a person for the first time, their powers are revealed to her, as well as every event in which their power was used.

Power-Related Weakness(es): She can only deflect magic that has a physical manifestation. Mental abilities cannot be deflected or guarded against. The power mimcry is overwhelming at times and if she uses more than one power in a short period of time, she passes out, sometimes for several days, depending. Her most frequently used power is telekinesis and super intelligence (which she uses to spour random facts).

Brief History: Kaelin grew up with a love for dance. She took ballet for many years then took up a general dance class with her school. She excelled in everything she tried. She was a normal girl with many close friends and boy crushes. Her whole life changed when she hit fifteen.
Every one in ten people in her school gave off a strange vibe. Many of them were threatening, others very subtle. The feeling was making her go mad. One day, when she couldn't take it anymore, she decided to follow a boy home. He gave off the strongest aggressive power. He was in his yard playing near a campfire. Fire shot from his hands.

She was constantly changing schools after that, confessing and apologizing for being the cause of fires and explosions. She had no control over it. She packed her bags one day and snuck out the back, determined to leave before anyone else she cared about got hurt. Her father discovered her yelled from the window, threatening and startling her. It was no surprise when her latest house caught on fire, killing everyone inside.

Physical Appearance: Kaelin is five feet, six inches tall and weighs one hundred and twelve pounds. She has long dark brown hair that is long, semi-way, almost striaight, and extends to the small of her back. Her eyes are deep blue and she has fair skin. She prefers wearing darker colors and wearing dark sleeves. She is usually seen in a blouse and jeans or in one piece dresses that extend to her knees.

Personality: Kaelin usually keeps to herself and prefers solitude. Underneath layers of pychosis, she's sweet, kind, and puts others before herself. She likes rain, midnight, books, dancing, and being alone. She dislikes being in confined spaces and large crowds.

Talents: High stamina and endurance, agile, and flexible, from years of dance.

Flaws: She lacks confidence and hates how she feels when she uses her powers; she always feels like a different person. She is boarder-line insane and remains aloof, withdrawn, and distant. She also loses interest quickly. When people around her are in danger she tends to inch herself away and hide, but if anyone is injured, she will fight her hardest to help and protect them, usually without self-regard. Her powers create a mind of their own when she is scared enough.
Fears/is afraid of: The side effects of using her powers, fire, other mutants (especiialy ones that use fire), falling asleep and never waking up.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Rounder

(If there is anything that is XMEN related than I accidently forgot to change it and I'm sorry ^^' I hope she's okay)
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PostSubject: Re: Blu's Characters   Blu's Characters EmptyThu May 12, 2011 10:27 pm

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Blu's Characters
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