A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 History of Superheroes

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Superheroes have existed as long as modern society. Such examples of early superheroes are King Arthur and his Knights, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Although not held in the same respect and regard as modern day superheroes, do not they are in fact superheroes. The idea of Modern Superheroes somewhere between the 1970s and the 1980s. Three of the most well known Superheroes are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. These three Superheroes are the most recognized and well known symbols of bravery, courage, selflessness, and heroics.

However with the emergence of modern superheroes, counterparts to these iconic symbols soon emerged. These counterparts are known as supervillians. The nature of these Supervillians depend on the individual villain. Supervillians are kept in check and kept on watch. In the case Supervillians are a danger to society our heroes will step in and save us. However, because of the nature of the supervillains many people have died because of their ways of crime. Superheroes take several steps and precautions to try to save innocent lives.

In 1985, an explosion took place at a privately owned lab in Texas. This explosion was an result of trying to make a serum that makes normal humans stronger. The incomplete serum was released in the atmosphere. The serum was not deadly but instead gave several normal humans superhuman powers. The serum gave enhanced superhuman abilities to those who were genetically compatible.

Many people who were genetically altered did not express superpowers. Most of the population instead passed the trait to their children. This lead to many superhuman children to be born. This caused the amount of people with superhuman abilities to increase drastically. The total percentage of superhumans is not known but is estimated to be around 8% of the total population. Supported by Wayne Foundations, Camp Justice was founded to help these new super-beings learn to control powers and become heroes of tomorrow.
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History of Superheroes
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