A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Jack Daniels

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Jack Daniels

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PostSubject: Jack Daniels   Jack Daniels EmptyFri May 20, 2011 4:24 am

Name: Jack Daniels

Age/Birthday:13. August 12.

Gender: Male

Family: Karey Daniels/ Mark Daniels

Years in Camp:0

SuperPower: Technopath.

Secondary Power: Super Genius

If necessary describe your powers: Jack Daniels can control and talk to machines. as his power grows he can also create complex machines by commanding them to make something such as high tech weaponry or even a Motorcycle. Any thing classified as a machine from a Tricycle to a space ship Jack can control. Machines are happy to help and when in communication with these machines Jack can learn much much faster on how they work. A downside is that he has to know how the machine works to control it but not to talk to it. When speaking to machines they become sentient and willing to talk and listen.

Brief History: Jack Daniels was born in Washington D.C. and lived a quaint normal life in the suburbs. His Mother was a Teacher and his father a Construction Contractor and foreman. Jack grew up normal going to school hanging with friends and watching tv like everyone else. However at nine things started to get weird when jack got upset, sad, or really happy. Lights would flicker, The fridge would turn on and off, The TV would get loud then quiet. As months went by things got worse. the car would break down or the radio would suddenly blare out different stations at once.

Jack was horrified of what was happening and he knew somehow he was doing it but he didn't know how to stop. One day a man arrived as if out of the blue and talk to Jack and his family about what was happening and gave them a choice. Jack couldn't pass this up and with his parents permission he agreed. They also agreed it would be a year round thing but they would come visit if they could. Jack accepted it easily because he knew his parents were scared he didn't blame them he was as well. Jack packed his belongings and left with the man and has just arrived at Camp Justice.

Physical Appearance: Jack is a medium height boy with black hair that reaches his shoulders and covers his Hazel eyes. He isn't muscled pack but he is skinny with some evidence of Muscle. he has a scar on his left eyebrow from a old accident and with handsome hawk like features. His nose is perfect as his the rest of him giving him a handsome look but his eyes seem to hold people and study them like he wants to take them apart. he has nimble surgeon like fingers that are rough from helping his dad fix cars and helping at the jobs. His skin is naturally tan which only makes his eyes seem lighter.

Personality: Jack is a intelligent boy with a thirst for knowledge and a insatiable appetite for mechanics. He enjoys coming up with inventions and working and speaking with machines and people alike however he tends to zone out when ideas come to mind. When struck by inspiration he gets very reclusive and disappears sometimes for days or weeks at a time. When working he is very short with people and has no time for interruption from others sometimes going without food until the experiment is complete. Once his project is done though he goes back to himself but it could be a hour before he gets another idea of a month. Jack can become obsessed with something very quickly especially machines and engineering. However he is a kind person willing to help and will even build things for people if they ask nicely. He has no limitations on what he will build including weapons or a simple motorcycle as long as someone springs for the parts.

Talents: Has a knack for advanced engineering, Is a quick thinker. Has studied hand to hand combat and acrobatics. His mind process information at high levels almost like a machine and it works for his reflexes making him just a little faster.

Pets: A robotic Hawk

Year-Round or Summer:Year-Round

Other: Jack has built a couple of Sentient Robotic guards child height but carrying awesome weapons to protect his work station.

Weapons of Machines: Duel Plasma pistols, Sonic Repulse Rifle (Sends out a sonic pulse to throw people) Increased strength and speed.

Pic of guard droids: Jack Daniels Defend10
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Daniels   Jack Daniels EmptyFri May 20, 2011 11:08 am

Great chari! accepted!
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Jack Daniels
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