A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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PostSubject: RedPhoenix's Charries   RedPhoenix's Charries EmptyWed May 18, 2011 12:53 pm

Name: Kristen Dystel

Age/Birthday: 14, June 18

Gender: Female

Family: Mother: Alleah Dystel. Father: Jace Dystel. Older brother: Jacob Dystel {19}. Sister: Kaya Dystel {dead; Jacob's twin}

Years in Camp: 1

SuperPower: Shadow/Darkness manipulation. 

Secondary Power: Pyrokinesis. 

If necessary describe your powers: Pyrokinesis is when she can create and manipulate her own fire. To Kristen, being burnt isn't a problem, because it won't effect her. Sometimes, she is able to make copies of things out of fire, like a dagger or sword. Shadow/Darkness Manipulation is very much like Pyrokinsesis, except with the dark she can rarely make solid objects (unless it's a full moon). Kristen is able to hide in the shadows easily, and if angered, darkness can surround her like a cloud. 

Power weakness(es): Kristen's pyrokinesis is rarely controllable when she's angered. And if she uses either of her powers too much, Kristen often feels lightheaded and faints. And because Kristen is sometimes hesitant to use her powers, it's easily used against her.

Brief History: Kristen was born in California, where both her parents worked as business agents for actors and actresses Kristen was pretty much a normal kid, but with a strong will to stay up almost the entire night. Until she turned thirteen, that is. It was while she and her family were on a camping trip. Kristen and her sister were sitting near the fire. When Kristen held out her hand out to the fire to warm herself, she felt her hand growing warmer than it shouldn't been and the campfire erupted so much that the nearby trees were engulfed in flames along with her sister. Kristen was in the fire, but she ran out, and luckily an her parents and brother werent hurt. After that Camping Trip, Kristen locked herself in her room and didn't dare speak to her parents nor her brother, knowing they would interrogate her and think of her as a freak. So about a week after the incident, she ran away from home, not wanting to hurt anyone else, because she knew that the fire erupting was caused by her. Kristen soon stumbled over Camp Justice, hoping that her parents aren't freaking out, looking for her. 

Physical Appearance: Kristen has straight jet black hair, with bright red streaks. She stands at about 5' 5" and has an athletic figure. Kristen's eyes are black, but if she's filled too much emotion, wether it be sadness or anger or anything else, her eyes turn PURE red, not only the iris, but the pupil as well.. Kristen has a large scar on her back. It starts from her right shoulder and ends at her mid-back. She has lightly tanned skin and normally wears a regular t-shirt, dark jeans, and a black denim jacket. 

Personality: Kristen is relatively nice to people who actually take the time to want to know her. She doesn't speak much, and prefers silence. She often keeps to herself, but doesn't really mind when people want to speak with her. Kristen normally doesn't show much emotion. She has anger issuesand also dyslexia. She is frequently annoyed that she isn't able to read, but she learned to deal and live with it. She is definitely a "night owl" on most nights, you'll catch her out enjoying the moonlight. 

Talents: She is quite stealthy even if she doesn't intend to. She walks and runs around as if she's a silent shadow. Kristen was extremely good a guitar, but hasn't dared to lift a guitar ever since she dicovered her powers.

Pets: She used to have a German Shepherd puppy named "Ryder" but that was before she ran away. 

Year-Round or Summer: Year-round. 

Flaws: Kristen rarely ever trusts anyone, not wanting to hurt the person. She tends to use her powers against people when shes mad, so whenever she's filled with emotion she isolates herself from people. Kristen is naturally a stubborn girl. When her mind is made up, there's rarely ever a thing you can do about it. 

Fears: Kristen is most terrified of having to face her parents again. And she also has a fear of snakes.
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PostSubject: Re: RedPhoenix's Charries   RedPhoenix's Charries EmptyWed May 18, 2011 4:59 pm

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Approved.
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