A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Demetrias Character thingamabober :D

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Demetrias Character thingamabober :D Empty
PostSubject: Demetrias Character thingamabober :D   Demetrias Character thingamabober :D EmptySun May 08, 2011 12:44 am

Name: Demetria Castellano
Age/Birthday: January 7 *15*

Gender: Female

Family: Emily Castellano *Mum*, Jamie Castellano *Dad*, Esmeralda Castellano *Younger Sister*

Years in Camp: Uno *one-duh* xD xD

SuperPower: Hydrokinesis

If necessary describe your powers: I REALLY don't think I have to xD xD

Brief History: Demetria grew up in Santa Monica, California with her parents and younger sister. When Demetria was very young, she learned that she inherited her mothers trait of being able to control water. Everyday, Emily would take her to the ocean so that she could learn to control her power. Over time she became better, but with her never being able to fully concentrate, it took longer for her to learn some skills. Emily and Jamie both agreed that sending her to Camp Justice for the summer would be a better place for her to learn.

Physical Appearance: Growing up in California gave Demetria Tan skin and lightened her long choppy layered brown hair. With her being 5'5, she has never really been considered as short or tall. She has a condition called heterochromia which makes her eyes different colors, her left eye being green and her right eye being blue. Deme can never be caught without wearing her black converse, most of the time she wears different hoodies. On hot days she would wear her jean shorts and on any other day she would be wearing her skinny jeans.

Personality: It is extremely rare for Deme to not have a smile on her face. She is constantly laughing and takes almost nothing seriously. She goes by the quote "Never take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway." Back at home, her friends call her weird, which she doesn't get. They just don't get why she thinks that everything on the ground is funny. She absolutely can't stand fighting and needles. She is never afraid to tell people what she's thinking and never regrets anything. Most people view her as being extremely friendly.

Talents: Solving a Rubix cube, Yo!

Pets: She has a Papillon *dog* that goes by the name Me Too, since she always want to be involved in everything.

Year-Round or summer: Summer

Other: .......... I can't really think of anything else xD xD Me and my brain..... xD xD xD
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Demetrias Character thingamabober :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Demetrias Character thingamabober :D   Demetrias Character thingamabober :D EmptySun May 08, 2011 2:03 pm

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Demetrias Character thingamabober :D
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