A camp for young superheroes to train and learn to control their powers.
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 Kay's Charrie

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PostSubject: Kay's Charrie   Sat May 07, 2011 3:42 pm

Name: Claire Joyce Marie
Age/Birthday: 13 and September 3

Gender: Female

Family: I only have my dad who I don't even want to say his name.

Years in Camp: 3

SuperPower: Wind Manipulation

Secondary Power: Empathy

If necessary describe your powers: I don't think it's really necessary but if it is I can both control wind with my hands or without and both are sort of out of control. With my empathy I can feel others feelings and sometimes they overwhelm me because I can't control them.

Brief History: Well I had a rough childhood. My dad abused my mom on a daily basis. Then she ran away leaving me with him when I was 7. It was fine in till I turned 10 (when like most kids like me) started getting my powers. My dad is a bug anti-mutant person. When I turned out to be one he got really mad, beat me senseless, and kicked me out. I made my way here.

Physical Appearance: (I look like Torren from the teen avengers) My hair is long, (to my middle back) is strait but curls at the end, and and streaks of brown going through it. I am about 4 feet 6 inches. My skin is a light tan. My eyes are gray. I'm thinking about cutting my hair short so it would be easier to take care of and be kinda spiky.

Personality: I am very depressed and troubled. I act mad and angry all the time. I act angry and meanish because I wasn't taught as a kid to get to be thought of as strong to be...well you get it. On the outside I have that hard shell but on the inside is mushy. When you get on my good side I am really nice and kind and what not.

Talents: I'm a pretty good leader, I can play the flute, (more to be added.)

Pets: None

Year-Round or Summer: Year round. I am NEVER going back.

~By mutant I mean people with powers. When I made this I was thinking of the other comic.~
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PostSubject: Re: Kay's Charrie   Sun May 08, 2011 3:07 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kay's Charrie   Mon May 09, 2011 5:45 pm

name: Robin Mill
Age/Birthday: 16, July 4

Gender: Female

Family: Was Jake and Casey Mill but they died. Now only my evil uncle.

Years in Camp: none I'm new.

SuperPower: I can transform into any animal

Secondary Power: I don't know it yet.

If necessary describe your powers: It says itself

Brief History: My parents died when I was three and was sent to live with my evil uncle. When he found out I had powers her got upset and (hes rich by the way) bought a lab to come up with something to 'fix' me with. I ran away and found a group of other orphan superpower kids. We've been running from my uncle sense. He's crazy.

Physical Appearance: I have brownish-redish hair that falls to about my shoulders and is wavy. I have bangs that almost cover my eyes. My skin is tanned and I have freckles below my eyes and on my nose. I am about 4 foot 11, thin, and I don't weigh much.

Personality: I act like a kid most of the time and I can be funny (to me at least). I like playing jokes on people. I can act like an animal in times but not an animal. I get really sad when I think about my parents and then mad about my uncle but I usually act like a kid. I will think of more as I rp.

Talents: I don't know ummmm being me?

Pets: none

Year-Round or Summer: Year round for now

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PostSubject: Re: Kay's Charrie   

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Kay's Charrie
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